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Four MIT engineering graduates have developed the world’s first robotic kitchen in the form of the Spyce restaurant. The ‘Spyce’ of life Dissatisfied with the high price of quality, fast food, the graduates’ restaurant uses seven automated cooking woks in place of human chefs. With the ability to work simultaneously, the robots can prepare the… Read More

MIT researchers have developed AlterEgo, a computer interface that transcribes words the user internally verbalises, although it does not speak aloud. The AlterEgo Electrodes in the wearable device, which works with an associated computing system, pick up neuro-muscular signals in the jaw and face that are triggered by internal verbalisations i.e. by saying words in… Read More

MIT AlterEgo device

World leader in lighting, Philips Lighting has launched Light Fidelity (LiFi). It is a technology that uses high quality lighting to provide a broadband internet connection through light waves, as opposed to the radio waves used by WiFi. With radio frequencies becoming congested, Philips Lighting’s Chief Innovation Officer, Olivia Qiu, said the “visible light spectrum is… Read More

Li Fi Technology by Philips

Way back in 2015, we introduced you to our Office team, one member of which is Hannah Game. Hannah joined Prototype Projects in 2010 as our Sales Co-ordinator and was responsible for placing orders, preparing dispatch paperwork, chasing quotes and being the first point of contact for our customers. She’s also well known (within Prototype… Read More

Hannah Game Prototype Sales Manager

If the mirror doesn’t fit… How Prototype Projects helped rescue an E-Type Jaguar restoration project using a bit of CAD and some 3D Printing ingenuity… Classic car enthusiast Michael Mallinson is restoring an E-Type Jaguar in order to bring it back to its former glory. When Michael hit a dead end trying to source an… Read More

2018 E-Type Jaguar 3D Printing

Like all technology, 3D Printing technologies – including the ever-popular SLA – have evolved over the years, enabling product designers to push the boundaries of rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing. 3D systems invented SLA machines back in the 1980s. The SLA machines used by Prototype Projects are the Projet 6000 and 7000 (the former having… Read More

Projet SLA machines

Australian artist, Michael Candy, has developed a way of saving declining bee populations that are facing man-made challenges such as climate change and pesticides. Candy’s conceptual project, “Synthetic Polleniser,” has been developed to encourage bees (which play a crucial role in pollination) to breed. It relies on 3D printed robotic flowers and artificial pollination. Candy told… Read More

bee pollination 3d prototype model

Prototype Projects helps designers achieve their goals by combining advanced technologies with consultative support For over 35 years Prototype Projects has helped its clients to get the most out of rapid prototyping. The Hertfordshire-based company offers an integrated design-to production service that includes 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting, finishing, and additive manufacturing of production… Read More

3D printed nanas manners prototype model

3D Printing express service Speed is crucial in product design. That’s why we say ‘3D Made. Simple.’ We offer rapid prototyping and 3D printing solutions and a range of finishing levels and dispatch options. Choose our 3D Printing express service for next day dispatch (this includes SLS parts, subject to part complexity). Our friendly team… Read More

make it simple

CES 2018 highlights from Prototype Projects’ managing director, Justin Pringle I headed out to the US to the CES 2018 show in early January to see the latest technological developments from manufacturers round the world. Having read reviews of the Las Vegas show (the biggest of its kind in the world) over the last few… Read More

CES Prototype Toilet