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Smart baby monitor | the brief Tangerine, an international design consultancy with offices in the UK, South Korea and Brazil, was approached by Bluebell, a start-up, in 2016. The founding members of Bluebell (a psychiatrist, an A&E doctor and a data analyst) wanted to develop a smart baby monitor to improve parent and baby routine… Read more

smart baby monitor

What is SLS dyeing?  Using technology from Munich-based specialists DyeMansion, we offer a consistent and repeatable SLS dyeing service. This end-to-end SLS finishing solution offers a high-quality finish with the option to have your SLS parts coloured to exact requirements  Did you know…Prototype Projects adopted the DyeMansion system in 2018 making them the UK’s first… Read more

SLS dyeing service

About Rotech   Rotech Machines, founded in 1997, is a leading UK coding and marking solutions provider to the packaging industry. Rotech’s coding systems range from fully-customisable machines to their entry-level sleeve coder – the RF Lite, launched in May 2016.  Using their expansive industry and application knowledge, Rotech design and build their systems in-house.   Additive Manufacturing with Prototype… Read more

additive manufacturing

From express to super-economy: your parts, your speed  At Prototype Projects, we are conscious that every prototype we print is unique. As such, the dispatch options required for each project may well be different. While speed is of paramount importance for some projects, budget is more important for others.  With this in mind, we offer… Read more

What is Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) prototyping?  Selective Laser Sintering is a 3D Printing technology used for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing of 3D parts with complex shapes and geometries.  A wide of range of part sizes is possible with SLS, as well as a choice of finishing and turnaround options to suit most requirements. … Read more

Guide to SLS

A humanoid robot  LuxAI, a Luxembourgian company, have developed an AI robot named QTrobot, pronounced ‘cutie robot’. The humanoid robot, which is expressive and engaging, is designed to assist with teaching autistic children new social, emotional and communication skills. The robot shows facial expressions, gestures and body language; it also talks with children to deliver… Read more

AI robot

Prototype Projects’ managing director, Justin Pringle, talks about a metal 3D printing masterclass he attended in Belgium in February 2019… I recently took a 2-day masterclass course hosted by Materialise, a 3D Printing software company, on the subject of 3D Printing with metals. The course is aimed at people who don’t have a system yet… Read more

Metal 3D printing

The term ‘3D printing’ could be deemed an all-encompassing one, but in the professional world of product, industrial, medical device design and development, and more, it doesn’t quite cut it. Why? Because professional ‘3D printing’ is much more versatile and diverse.  What is stereolithography prototyping?  Stereolithography, or SLA rapid prototyping, is a 3D Printing technology… Read more

SLA guide

We recently introduced you to Gary Turner, Hannah Game, Ian Reinemann, Andrew Hayward and Justin Pringle. Finally, we introduce you to Vikki Pringle, our Accounts Administrator and Company Secretary.  Vikki Pringle | the beginning Trained in Applied Biology, Vikki used to work as a quality control lab technician for a vaccine manufacturer where she also… Read more

Vikki Pringle

It’s that time of the year again, when the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) dominates the news. CES 2019 was hosted in Las Vegas, just as in 2018, during 8-11 January. This year the event, which is said to set to the agenda for the year ahead, attracted 182K visitors. Here are some CES 2019 highlights… Read more