Rapid Prototyping

rapid prototyping

It’s often said that the difference between ideas and products is manufacturing. Linking a product idea to the practical feasibility of its manufacture requires detailed planning.

How do you turn an idea into a product?

At Prototype Projects we’ve experienced many journeys from “idea” to “product” with product designers, design engineers and consultancy and manufacturing clients.

So we know the sorts of obstacles and deviations that can crop up along the way.

That’s why, with decades of design, prototyping and production part making experience behind us, we’re in such a great position to assist you with every aspect of your journey from product and prototype design to manufacture.

Our team of skilled designers, prototyping and production experts, manufacturing consultants and our range of state-of-the art prototyping technologies and machines, are at your disposal for every stage of the process.

Plus we’re here to support you in:

  • Turning product ideas into designs
  • Realising designs into physical concept models and prototypes
  • Developing parts for production and manufacturing

Design ideas

Contact us to run your CAD model past us as early as possible and we’ll be happy to offer ideas and advice on choosing the right prototyping technologies for your first concept part.

Down the line, we can also help you adapt your product design for further prototyping, model making or production in the pre-manufacture stage.

Which prototyping material is best to use?

If your product – and the prototype you want to see, touch or test – must exhibit specific properties and characteristics, we can advise you on the right choice from a vast range of materials, depending on what prototyping technology you are using.

Prototyping ideas

What 3D prototyping technologies are best for different stages of the design and development process? Which materials will best deliver the properties you need?

We offer advice and ideas on all forms of prototyping and model making from rapid prototyping to 3D Printing and CNC Machining.

Which 3D Printing process is right for you?

If you’re not sure which 3D Printing process (SLA, SLS or FDM) will produce the best part, or which 3D Printing material will exhibit the properties you’re looking for, please ask us.

Often our designer clients come to us with very specific instructions – but with the choice of processes and materials growing all the time, it can often help to get a third party expert opinion.

Production ideas

Are your parts intended for use in production or manufacture? We can offer advice on the best additive manufacturing techniques or CNC machining process to produce hundreds or thousands of identical production parts for use in your finished, manufactured product.

Finishing and delivery options

See our finishing and delivery options for Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing.

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