Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Our Trotec® Speedy400 Laser cutting machine offers a range of options to the resin or metal parts including large and small scale laser marking, engraving and precision laser cutting.

Laser marking of codes and serial numbers

Laser marking is ideal for marking products, parts, components and packaging with serial numbers, QR codes, datamatrix codes and barcodes which can be scanned by machine.

These codes mean that products marked with them can be traced from manufacturer to end user.

What are the properties of laser marking?

  • Ideal for plastics, acrylic and metals
  • High precision
  • Durability
  • Non-damaging to the product
  • Resistant to weather, light or temperature
  • Ideal for QR codes and barcodes, including consecutive code sequences
  • Indispensable in key industries such as logistics, electronics, medical and trade
  • Useful in compliance with standards like UID, GS1, ASTM, UPC and EAN

Speedy400-CO2-laser-engraverEngraving security tags, nameplates and plaques

Our Trotec® Speedy400 laser machine can be used for durable and long-lasting engraving of tags, plates and plaques, which will be resistant to light, temperature variation and chemicals.

The precision of the laser beam means even very small scale engraving can be made, giving a superior result to any mechanical or manual engraving or grinding process.

What are the properties and applications for laser engraving?

  • Ideal for plastics, acrylic and metals
  • Precision accuracy
  • Speed – reduced time for both set-up and implementation process
  • Transfer of graphics from existing software into laser software, and on to the part
  • Security tags for products or personnel
  • Nameplates to denote machine or component authenticity
  • Plaques for use on products, buildings, doorways, entrances
  • Awards, trophies and photographic images

Precision laser cutting

Laser cutting can be used to produce precision prototype parts, packaging, architectural models, educational models and a variety of other applications.

The levels of detail, speed, precision and flexibility that can be achieved are often extraordinary.

What features does laser cutting offer?

  • High speed, high precision
  • Cutting, perforating and grooving of materials used in packaging
  • Ideal for plastics, paper and card, polystyrene, foils, films and acrylic
  • Architectural model making
  • Medical and educational model making
  • Cutting of models and shapes direct from CAD file

Small scale laser marking

In some sectors where parts, components and products are very small, laser marking is necessary due to the high material value of the parts in question.

Examples include surgical and medical instruments and implant technologies which are often made from high-grade materials. In such cases the products must be both traceable and identifiable – necessitating the use of laser-marked barcodes and serial numbers.

What are the applications and benefits of small scale laser marking?

  • Ideal for metal, plastics and ceramics (please ask for other materials)
  • Permanent and highly resistant marking
  • High precision
  • Surface colour-changing, without structure change
  • Contactless marking means sterile process
  • No waste, no burrs

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