Finger Phone Calls with the Sgnl Smart Watch Strap

Sgnl smart watch

Presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas, the Sgnl smart watch allows users to receive calls through their finger.

The Sgnl smart watch

The smart watch wristband uses Body Conduction Unit (BCU) technology. When paired with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, vibrations are sent down the user’s wrist. The vibrations are then converted into amplified sound enabling the user to hear the caller. A small microphone in the watch strap enables the user to be heard.

The smart watch strap was designed by a Korean start up company called Innomdle Lab. When connected with the Sgnl app, Innomdle say ‘users experience an efficient way of managing life’.

As well as making phone calls, users can also use the smart watch to track their exercise efforts and review their health reports via the app.

The product comes in an array of colours and the face can be tailored to the user’s tastes making it a device that is bound to be a great hit.


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