SLS Dyeing and Texturing Technologies

SLS Dyeing and Texturing Technologies

Consistent Precision Colouring Service for SLS Parts

Our end-to-end SLS finishing solution offers you a high quality finish plus the option to have your SLS parts coloured and textured to exact, specified requirements.

The SLS dyeing and texturing service is part of our state-of-the-art 3D Printing Suite which also includes a specialist medical material unit.

SLS parts for prototyping or additive manufacture can be precision dyed in virtually any required colour specification on a consistent and repeatable basis, for example to match exact corporate brand guidelines.

‘Print-to-Product’ workflow

The automated cleaning, surfacing and colouring solution uses a combined three-step workflow that enables scaling from prototyping or small series to high-volume manufacturing and thus closes the manufacturing gap.

CleaningStep 1: Cleaning

  • Automated, highly efficient, damage-preventative part cleaning, reducing lead times.


SurfacingStep 2: Surfacing

  • Automated proprietary blasting process creates dirt- and scratch-resistant surfaces and improves the look, feel and colour quality.


ColouringStep 3: Colouring

  • Automated colouring with almost unlimited colour options
  • Long-lasting UV-stable colours.



SLS Dyeing Table


Black is our standard colour and is run every day. Other colour requirements are run on demand.

SLS colours

Consistent and repeatable SLS dyeing

Prototype Projects‘ repeatable SLS dyeing service uses technology from Munich-based specialists DyeMansion, developers of the specialist,  precision dyeing techniques.

For customers this opens up a whole new range of possibilities for SLS rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, offering high levels of repeatable colour quality for 3D-printed parts across the industrial, consumer and medical sectors.

Textured shoehornTextured SLS graining

Using our specialist graining process, SLS parts can also be textured, for example giving them the look of leather or other natural materials.

This process offers a significant cost-saving over other techniques such as injection moulding, making the process even more appealing for additive manufacturing purposes.

Contract SLS colouring service

As well as colouring parts we have made for you, we also offer a contract colouring service for customers who have made the SLS parts themselves or had them made elsewhere. Contact us to discuss your requirements and ask us about pricing.


How can we help?

If you have any questions about our SLS dyeing and texturing service, 3D printing or additive manufacturing capabilities, or to request a quote, contact Prototype Projects on 01763 249760.

We can also advise you on your choice of prototyping technology and can help optimise your designs for prototyping.


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