Quality Assurance & Confidentiality

quality assurance

Our experienced team of prototype engineers, model makers and finishers specialise in all aspects of rapid prototyping using a range of materials and processes.

Quality Assurance

We operate a system of Quality Management which is approved and certified to ISO 9001-2008 standards.

Following the opening of our 3D Printing suite, with its specialist medical material 3D Printing unit, we have completed Stage 1 of our ISO 13485:2003 quality assurance accreditation.

Our philosophy is that good quality begins with a positive attitude. We encourage and support our employees to take their professional responsibilities seriously and to be accountable for maintaining the highest standards.

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We recognise that our clients entrust us with sensitive and valuable information. We respect this trust by ensuring that our staff are discrete and that client information is kept secure. To support this we are happy to sign any new or project specific confidentiality agreement.


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