Rapid prototyping services

Rapid Prototyping Services

Prototype Projects offers a wide range rapid prototyping services. Our skills in excellent quality prototype models, parts and design services have been built up consistently over three decades.

We know that rapid turnaround, high quality and competitive pricing are vital factors in your decision of where to source your rapid prototyping services.

That’s why we work hard to stay ahead of the curve in technical innovation by investing regularly in new prototyping machines and skills.

Range of Rapid Prototyping Services

Our prototyping bureau in Royston, Hertfordshire is conveniently located for Cambridge.

With our comprehensive range of facilities we can offer an all in-inclusive rapid prototyping service for clients in the pharmaceutical, automotive, medical and engineering sectors.

By working with Prototype Projects, you can find all the prototyping services you want under one roof including CNC Milling & Machining, Reaction Injecting Moulding and Vacuum Casting.

This versatility means you never need to look elsewhere for the rapid prototyping services you need.


We realise that time to market is critical to the product development process and to the overall efficiency of manufacturing a new product. For this reason we have a range of rapid prototyping machines running around the clock to deliver prototype parts to very tight deadlines.

In most cases (depending on part complexity and property specifications) we can deliver next day, though in some cases same day delivery is possible. See our dispatch and finish levels page for more information or contact us.


Our aim is to act as your gateway between product design and production. We understand how modern product development and production works and our prototyping and model making capabilities are designed to fit in around these processes.

Above all, we never compromise on quality. In fact, we run our Management Systems to ISO9001:2008 standards and invest heavily in skills training for our team to ensure top quality product every time.

See our dispatch and finish levels page for more information or contact us.


Whenever you work with Prototype Projects for your rapid prototyping requirements, you don’t only get excellent prototype parts exceptionally quickly.

We will also endeavour to give you the most competitive pricing available in the UK market. Our hope is that having used us once, you’ll return to us with your future rapid prototyping requirements.


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