Prototype Projects provides Rapid Prototyping Services, 3D Printing, SLA Prototype Services and Model Making in the UK.

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Excellent Prototypes. Exceptionally Fast.

Looking for fast time to market, uncompromising quality and competitive prices? Prototype Projects are experts in rapid prototyping and model making services for clients across a range of sectors throughout the UK and Europe backed by 30 years of experience. We can help you accelerate your product design and development process with:

  • Design assistance using our in-house CAD/CAM facilities
  • Prototyping and modelling for any stage of your process from concept to functional
  • A rich selection of rapid prototyping, machining and finishing processes
  • One-off or large sample runs
  • Specialist knowledge in automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace and telecoms

Rapid Prototyping Processes from Prototype Projects

Prototype Projects excel at rapidly understanding our prototype requirements and providing a broad range of effective solutions. This has varied from simulation of injection moulded parts that require resistance to high temperature water (using SLAs in Accura Peak), to gearbox components requiring high stiffness and tolerances (glass filled PU vacuum casting with post op CNC machining). The expertise and flexibility of Prototype Projects has been pivotal to meeting our medical device prototyping requirements.

David Spurling, Quanta Fluid Solutions