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We offer a wide range of rapid prototyping to production 3D Printing including SLA, Laser Sintering, FDM, Vacuum Casting & CNC Machining.


Our skilled team and our range of state-of-the art rapid prototyping technologies and machines are at your disposal

Design ideas
Materials ideas
Prototyping ideas
Production ideas

Model Making

Model making and fabrication requires the use of multiple skills, machines and technologies, as well as a variety of finishing options

Part manufacturing
Model making facilities
Spray painting
Finishing workshop
Experienced model makers


With over 35 years of prototyping experience, we can support you at all stages of your product development cycle

SLA prototyping
Laser Sintering
CNC Machining
Vacuum Casting


We use 3D printing to make low volume production parts freeing you from the constraints of conventional part manufacture

Low volume production
Additive manufacturing
Advanced materials
In-house CAD team
3D Printing

3D Made. Simple.

Prototype Projects is a specialist rapid prototyping and production parts manufacturer based in Royston, Hertfordshire, with 35 years’ experience in prototyping, model making and production part manufacturing.

We provide a completely integrated design-to-production service, from ideas and concept models to rapid prototyping, 3D printing, model making, finishing and additive manufacturing of production parts.

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“Prototype Projects excel at rapidly understanding our prototype requirements and providing a broad range of effective solutions. This has varied from simulation of injection moulded parts that require resistance to high temperature water (using SLAs in Accura Peak), to gearbox components requiring high stiffness and tolerances (glass filled PU vacuum casting with post op CNC machining). The expertise and flexibility of Prototype Projects has been pivotal to meeting our medical device prototyping requirements.”

David Spurling, Quanta Fluid Solutions