What’s happening in 3D Printing? November 2017

In this quick round up here are a few articles to sum up the world of 3D Printing at the moment, we’ve scanned the pages of 3ders.org, a useful website that provides interesting news about 3D printing technology and products.


Dutch non-profit develops waterproof 3D printed VR headset to let disabled ‘swim’ with dolphins

waterproof 3D printed VR headsetA Netherlands-based startup has made it possible to swim with the dolphins in VR. Their waterproof goggles consist of a specialised headset rig which is 3D printed from recycled plastics sourced from the ocean, and a waterproof Samsung smartphone which is encased in an additional waterproof backing and mounted on the 3D printed headset.


University of Cambridge’s 3D printed nanoscale magnetic circuits could improve future electronic devices

3D Printed Waterproof VR Headset

A team of researchers from the University of Cambridge in the UK has developed a nanoscale magnetic circuit using 3D nano-printing which is capable of moving information (bits) in three-dimensions. According to the research team, this innovation has the potential to improve and increase the processing and storage capabilities of next-generation electronic devices.


XRobots’ James Bruton shows off giant 3D printed Hotwheels Drone Racerz at London parade

3D Printed Drones

Bladez Toyz, the company which recently acquired the license to make Hotwheels flying toys, decided to celebrate their new partnership with XRobots’ James Bruton by getting Bruton to produce a remote controlled Hotwheels drone roughly 25 times the size of the original!


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