Team spotlight: Andrew Hayward, Business Development Manager

Following on from our recent introductions to Gary Turner, Hannah Game and Ian Reinemann, we turn the spotlight onto Andrew Hayward, our Business Development Manager.

Andrew Hayward

It began with a mechanical apprenticeship

Andrew’s career began back in the 1980s with a mechanical apprenticeship, with Honeywell Aerospace. He was incredibly fortunate to work on many fantastic projects in their Research and Development department, toolmaking. His work led him through many aspects of designing and building electromechanical projects.

As Andrew’s career progressed, he assisted with a project in procurement. This opportunity was so enjoyable, he decided to move to a large automotive hydraulic pump manufacturer as a buyer for raw materials, castings, forgings and machined parts (high volume rapid manufacture). He later moved to Westinghouse to work on very large rolling stock projects for global railway systems. Their largest project was worth £32m (low volume, high value).

A career twist

Andrew’s career then took a slight twist. He was offered a role in a screen-printing company where he was able to put all of his previous experience to good use in designing tactile membrane electronic circuits; this was very successful due to the high-quality build and zero failure rate process controls.

Although printing flexible circuits was new to everyone in the business, the screen-printing company soon became known to companies such as: Nokia, Motorola, Westomatic, and many more. This led to Andrew’s involvement in selling the flexible electronic circuits capability, as he was the most knowledgeable in the subject.

It was at this point where Andrew’s sales career began. Thereafter, the company grew rapidly with Andrew being a part of a successful team.

Business development

In 2002, Andrew was asked to work in Business Development for a group of companies based in Weymouth. They worked in many sectors: Aerospace, Defence, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and much more. Growth was rapid; after seven years the group was sold, and the owners retired.

Six years later Andrew was asked to join another group of companies in Cambridgeshire, working in a broad range of sectors. Globally, 2008/2009 was a challenging time and, for this reason, it turned into a great learning curve with the group’s expansion into new markets.

Prototype Projects’ Business Development Manager

Having joined the Prototype Projects team as Business Development Manager, Andrew has put all of his skills and experience together.

Andrew said, ‘this equips me to work across all sectors, providing our customers with quality prototypes delivered rapidly, supporting their projects. This can range from a model of a new hair dryer for a marketing team to use, through to a critical medical device prototype for testing prior to manufacture.’

He continued, ‘I am pleased to be working for Prototype Projects. The team is great, and the systems and processes are very well thought-out. We are achieving an On-Time-Delivery-In-Full schedule that many manufacturers just dream of.’

Andrew concluded with a message to Prototype Projects’ customers: ‘I look forward to working with you in the future.’

Can we help?

If you have any questions about our prototyping services or wish to request a quote, please contact us on 01763 249760. We can advise you on your choice of prototyping technology and can also help you optimise your designs for prototyping.