Medical Device Prototyping

medical device prototyping

In the rapidly developing world of 3D Printing, medical device prototyping is in great demand.

Prototype Projects offers a specialist approach to medical device prototyping by using a dedicated SLA machine, which is housed in a segregated area of our 3D printing suite.

This dedicated SLA machine is only used to create prototypes of new medical and drug delivery devices, and specifically non-implant devices which will have limited contact with the body.

Through this service we can provide an extra level of confidence for our clients during their medical device product development process and clinical trials.

What material is used for Medical device prototyping?

The material we use in our dedicated medical devices area complies with USP Class VI certifications. The material used by Prototype Projects is:

  • 3D Systems Accura ClearVue

SLA Prototyping

Stereolithography (SLA prototyping) is a 3D Printing technology used for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing.

SLA is one of the most popular 3D Printing technologies because of its speed, versatility, choice of materials and options for finishing.

Visit our SLA page for more information about this technology and its other applications.


3D Printing in motion

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