Additive Manufacturing

additive manufacturingAs a highly specialised prototyping and Additive Manufacturing company, we are a ‘one-stop shop’ with the skills, know-how and capacity to manufacture prototype and production parts for low volume production, without the need for expensive capital investment on tooling.

Additive Manufacturing of Production Parts

Our 3D Printing technologies include FDM, SLA and SLS, which can all be used for Additive Manufacturing of prototype and production parts in a range of materials, with part finishing options. These finishes include:

  • Ready drilled
  • Cut
  • Smooth or textured surface
  • Plain, polished or painted finish

Why use Prototype Projects for your production part additive manufacturing?

The key benefit we bring is not in volume manufacturing or speed – but in the use of 3D printing for relatively low-cost production of manufacture-ready parts in low volume without the need for expensive dedicated machine tooling.

Using 3D printing to make production parts frees you from the constraints of conventional part manufacture.

It is faster overall because of the lack of a requirement for specialised production tooling. In fact production component parts can be specifically designed for manufacture using 3D printing techniques.

Reductive / Subtractive Manufacturing

Prototype Projects can also manufacture low volumes of production parts using CNC milling, machining, lathing and turning processes.

Our suite of modern CNC machines can be set to produce any number of identical precision production parts from metal or plastic for use in final manufacturing or assembly.

Prototype Projects in-house facilities

As an expert Additive Manufacturing company, we can offer all of the following from our base in Royston, Hertfordshire:

  • A range of additive manufacturing technologies including SLA, FDM and SLS
  • A vast range of advanced materials
  • A complete CNC machining suite
  • Our in-house CAD team and range of design software
  • Skilled team of prototyping and additive manufacturing specialists

We are always happy to advise product designers on the choice of technology, design adaptation and material selection to best meet production needs.

  • Industrial machinery and mechanical manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical devices and components
  • Consumer Goods
  • Defence
  • Architectural designs
  • Prototype manufacturing

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