SLA – Stereolithography


Prototype Projects operates a suite of Viper SLA machines round the clock, which means we can usually fulfil your SLA requirements to very tight deadlines. Read our Capacity Matters article for more information.

Choose between standard mode for the best balance of build speed and part resolution and high-resolution (HR) mode for ultra-detailed small parts and features.

SLA prototyping is ideal for a wide range of solid imaging applications and can produce parts with a smooth surface finish, excellent optical clarity, high accuracy and thin, straight, vertical walls.

Prototype Projects is currently the only Prototyping Bureau in the UK to offer SLA parts using Accura® PEAK™ Plastic from 3D Systems. Accura Peak properties include high stiffness, moisture stability and temperature resistance, with excellent model accuracy.

  • Standard mode: 0.1mm
  • High-resolution mode: 0.05mm
  • Build envelope in standard mode: 250 x 250 x 250mm XYZ (10 x 10 x 10in)
  • Build envelope in high-resolution mode: 125 x 125 x 250mm XYZ (5 x 5 x 10in)

Read our SLA process guide

Read our SLA Accura ClearVue datasheet

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Read our SLA Accura 60 datasheet

Download the SLA Accura Peak Datasheet

Download the SLA Accura Xtreme Datasheet


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